Dharavi Weekly 01

This is the first of a weekly report of how Dharavi is coping with Covid-19

Incompiuto, du style au mouvement

urbz et l'Incompiuto. Retour critique sur notre expérience avec Alterazioni Video et Forbury architecture. Article publié sur Tracés 7/2020.

    COVID-19 in a post-wild world

    Indian cities are habitats for a vast number and variety of animals. It has taken a lockdown to spotlight these creatures living in and around our cities. 

    Homegrown Things

    We produced everyday-life objects based on the specific needs of residents and the skills available in the Shivaji Nagar area in Mumbai.


    urbz has been involved with the heritage precinct of Khotachiwadi for nearly a decade. We have organized many events workshops there and produced a strategic plan for the area among other things.

    Cultura Fertilis

    Étude d’opportunité pour un équipement culture d'importance majeur à future place de l'Étoie (PAV).
    Opportunity study for a major cultural center in the planned neighbourhood of PAV in Geneva.

    Place, Work, Folk

    Place, Work, Folk is a fortnightly column in The Hindu Sunday Magazine by Matias Echanove and Rahul Srivastava, which is inspired by Patrick Geddes and analyzes current urban issues in India and beyond.

    Coeur Rousseau


    Notre concept pour ce concours est basé sur la transformation de La Rade en une infrastructure pour l’expression citoyenne et l’appropriation publique, inspiré par les idées genevoises sur la liberté et la

    Bareilly Street

    Studies, workshops, street exhibition and plans towards making a small square in Dharavi children friendly

    Vers des chantier furtifs

    Enquête de terrain pour améliorer l’expérience des usagers durant les travaux de construction en ville, avec COLAS SA et le laboratoire de sociologie urbaine (LaSUR), EPFL.
    Field research on how to improve the