Diffusion: From Local to the Global

Diffusion: From Local to the Global

We are hosting a discussion on locally-led adaptation at the Gobeshona Global Conference 2 organised by ICCCAD. Through this session we hope to share some of the lived experiences and on-ground action projects in the context of urban indigenous communities of Mumbai and locally led adaptation. 

We are hosting a session “Diffusion: From the Local to the Global” for ICCCAD at the Gobeshona Global Conference on Research into Action for the theme Locally-led Adaptation on Sunday, 27th March at 1:30 pm IST. 

The climate crisis, while being a global issue, has real-time impacts on inhabitants of specific, often vulnerable, communities. However, the global discussions on climate change are still centred on the “larger picture”. Many inhabitants of drowning cities, villages and small island nations across the world, already possess generational knowledge of their environments using which they are adapting to the crisis to the best of their ability. In many places, these communities are already taking measures based on their collective intelligence. The session will discuss adaptation to climate change in local settings through context-driven strategies and techniques.  

Through this networking session, we hope to share some of the lived experiences and on-ground action projects in the context of the Koli community- an indigenous community of Mumbai and locally-led adaptation. Our hope is to spotlight the need for collaborations between local traditional knowledge systems and professional, scientific practice given the scale and reach of the climate crisis. The aim of the session is to imagine how diverse local strategies in specific contexts will collectively make alternative futures possible at a larger level.

The panellists include: Vikas Koli (Red Dot Foundation), Ganesh Nakhawa (Last Fisherman of Bombay), Stalin Dayanand (Vanashakti), Larson Vaiti (Litigator from Dharavi Koliwada) and Samidha Patil (urbz)

The session will be moderated by Anushka Samant (urbz)

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